megaman, magnetman and snakeman as papercut

Megaman, Magnetman & Snakeman papercuts

megaman, magnetman and snakeman as papercut




Three pixelart papercuts from Megaman 3 I have done:

  • top-left: Snakeman
  • top-right: Magnetman
  • bottom: Megaman

Each papercut is made from several paper layers – one for each color – that have been glued together.

I used a die-cutting machine – a Cricut Explore One – to cut the paper.


Metal Star Wars X-Wing


X-Wing top view

X-Wing Metal sheets

This X-Wing fighter is made of bent metal.

The construction kit contains two precut and engraved metal sheets.

It does not require any glue or solder to build.

The pieces are rather small and may be difficult to pop out.

It is absolutely necessary to have tweezers or needle nose pliers to bend the metal.

You will also need a pen refill to curve the reactors.

It takes two to three hours to build the whole spaceship.

There are also other Star Wars models available: Millenium Falcon, R2-D2, AT-AT, etc.

360° views of all models are available at

You can order the X-Wing on


Pacific rim robots

Pacific Rim paper toys – Gipsy Danger & Cherno Alpha

Pacific rim robots

Gipsy Danger
Gipsy Danger
Cherno Alpha
Cherno Alpha

Huge robots fighting huge sea monsters. That’s “Pacific Rim” pitch.

The film was directed by Guillermo Del Toro and released in June 2013.

Pacific Rim 2” has been recently confirmed.

If you don’t have the budget to buy one the Jaegers – or don’t have enough space at home, you can still build one these mini-papercraft versions of Gypsy Danger and Cherno Alpha, the two main Jaegers.

They have been made freely available by Gus Santome, author of

Ready to cancel the apocalypse?

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